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The following documents were published as part of the issues and options analysis phase of the HVNL review.

Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS)

In June 2020, we released a consultation RIS which included over 40 reform options to improve the HVNL. Consultation closed on 20 November 2020. HVNL 2.0 is designed to be read alongside the RIS as a short-form description of one possible scenario for the future law.
Consultation Regulation Impact Statement
PDF (2.74 MB)

June 2020

HVNL 2.0 - a better law scenario
PDF (5.28 MB)

June 2020

Summary of consultation outcomes

In September 2019 we shifted from identifying issues to generating solutions. We canvassed ideas for the future HVNL and sought feedback on these. In January 2020 we released a Summary of consultation outcomes outlining what we heard.
Summary of consultation outcomes
PDF (1.56 MB)

January 2020

ATA/Big Rigs Have Your Say
PDF (2.00 MB)

Expert Panel

Transport ministers appointed a panel of experts with expertise in productivity and experience across the transport sector to guide the review.
15 June 2020 meeting minutes
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8 April 2020 meeting minutes
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22 Oct 2019 meeting minutes
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20 Sept 2019 meeting minutes
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20 Aug 2019 meeting minutes
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