Key messages

  • The National Transport Commission (NTC) has been consulting on key issues for a better Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).
  • We are now pivoting from identifying problems to generating solutions.
  • The next phase of work is about developing and analysing policy options. You can suggest your own policy option by filling this form.

What have we heard?

The NTC has sought ideas for a better HVNL. So far we have consulted on key issues in the current HVNL, and how to to develop a modern, outcomes-focused law that improves safety and supports productivity.

Government, regulators, drivers, operators, industry bodies, and members of the public have provided detailed and constructive submissions. Now we are shifting from identifying issues to developing solutions.

This section provides a summary of outcomes of the first phase of consultation. The purpose is to:

  • tell you what we have heard, including major points of agreement and disagreement
  • identify suggested policy options for the future HVNL, and
  • invite you to provide your own policy suggestions for a better HVNL.

We want continued engagement with all stakeholders to ensure we have the best set of suggested policy options to inform the Consultation regulatory impact statement.

Issues papers released

HVNL review issues papers

We have released seven issues papers. Consultation on the issues papers has now closed.

The NTC has also received bite sized feedback through website surveys.

Online feedback

We invite you to continue having your say and providing feedback through the issues paper surveys.

Key themes

We have identified key themes in the submissions we have received:

Each of the above sections provides a summary of outcomes of consultation. These will continue to be updated until late November 2019.

Suggested policy options for a better HVNL

We are developing and collating suggested policy options for a better HVNL. We want to hear from you.

A suggested policy option is a realistic suggestion for how the HVNL can be changed to deliver better outcomes. The suggested policy options will be refined into tangible reform ideas that can be tested in the consultation regulatory impact statement.

We want a full set of suggested policy options by late November 2019.

This is an interactive process. You can suggest your own policy option by filling this form by no later than 22 November 2019. To view the suggested policy options and give feedback please click on this link:

Last updated 21 October 2019