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Our goal is to simplify and streamline the law as much as possible. We want a law that is outcome-focused, technology-neutral, easy to comply with and ensures heavy vehicles operate safely on our roads.

We want to hear from everyone affected by the law. Submit your ideas, see what others are saying and vote on ideas.

What are your ideas for improving the Heavy Vehicle National Law?

17 September, 2019

PeterWitchell says:

“Load/Contract rates have to be outlawed, they reward unsafe driving, as an industry with the highest risk of death how can this be allowed.”

17 September, 2019

Westend says:

“Contract per load rates for tipper trucks makes roads unsafe. New laws need to come in at 40km radius around CBD should be hourly rate.”

17 September, 2019

Jamesk says:

“Stop Tippers being paid by the load in Urban areas. Enforced Annual increases to hourly rates based on minimum of CPI.”

12 September, 2019

WrightBD says:

“The NTC need to Invest in the Operators, with Training Facilitators that are funded, to travel to businesses and Train their Drivers”

12 September, 2019

Ftmntl says:

“Keep the 84/24 & 144/48 hour break rules, but end the fortnight. What's it matter what time we started work 2 weeks ago?”

9 September, 2019

SallyT says:

“investigate "time sensitive" freight and only allow these vehicles on the road between 12:00am - 6:00am , allowing extra hours daily.”

6 September, 2019

Oliverd says:

“Allow a light (other than white or orange) on the front of trailers fitted with TEBS to indicate that the TEBS system is operating.”

2 September, 2019

Tipperman says:

“Outlaw contract rate work with tippers.Contract rates forces drivers to push it should be illegal, it only benefits large building companies”

26 August, 2019

Walco says:

“SPV registered vehicles should be allowed to tow trailers. No different to a truck towing a trailer! Just doesn't make sense????”

16 August, 2019

WestcapeContracting says:

“14 hour day 8 hours of .Not forced to drive 5 hour periods .A 3 hour stint is good for long haul then do your checks For WA any way ”

12 August, 2019

GGC says:

“Do not send someone from HVNL to a transport workshop who can only say "We don't make the laws, raise it with someone who does" ”

12 August, 2019

GGC says:

“Hay Machinery: Change your ruling of a tractor and baler outfit: they are not a divisible item for freighting purposes.”