We're reviewing the Heavy Vehicle National Law

Ministers have asked the National Transport Commission (NTC) to lead the review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and its supporting regulations.

We recognise that the current law is not best practice - it's outdated, complex, long, prescriptive and does not support road safety outcomes. We are going back to basics to review the law from first principles.

The HVNL Review will result in performance-based and outcomes-focused regulation that will:

  • improve safety for all road users
  • support increased economic productivity and innovation
  • simplify administration and enforcement of the law
  • support the use of new technologies and methods of operation, and
  • provide flexible, outcome-focused compliance options.

The consultation period has now closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback during the consultation period for the regulation impact statement (RIS), which closed on 20 November 2020.

We are now reviewing your feedback to refine the policy options which will be presented to ministers in May 2021.

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Where we are up to

The Review started in November 2018. Throughout 2019 the NTC consulted with governments, regulators, heavy vehicle drivers, large and small operators, peak industry bodies, technology providers, and the wider community to get a clear and accurate picture of problems with the HVNL.

In September 2019 we shifted from identifying issues to generating solutions. The NTC canvassed a number of ideas for the future HVNL and sought feedback on these.

In January 2020 we released a Summary of consultation outcomes.

In June 2020, we released a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) based on hundreds of submissions to our issues papers and collaboration with government, industry, the police, the regulator and many others. We have also released a complementary guide HVNL 2.0 – a better law scenario to be read alongside the RIS as a short-form description of one possible scenario for the future law.

Public consultation on the RIS ran until 20 November 2020. Now, we are reviewing submissions in order to finalise the policy options to present to ministers in May 2021.

Consultation so far

Co-design Workshops

In June 2019 the NTC held two co-design workshops, bringing together government, industry, and regulator stakeholders. During these workshops stakeholders collaborated to work out the real issues on managing fatigue and access to suitable routes.

JSOP meetings

The Jurisdictional Strategic Oversight Panel (JSOP) was formed to provide high-level strategic advice to the NTC from a government perspective. It is comprised of senior level officers from all jurisdictions. In 2019 the JSOP and the NTC met formally 9 times. They will continue to meet throughout the Review.

Policy group meetings

Two policy groups were engaged to assist with the review to represent regulators’ and industry perspectives. The NTC met with the Heavy Vehicle Regulators Panel (HVRP) and the Industry Advisory Group (IAG) each three times in 2019. They will continue to meet throughout the Review.