Program update

On 28 May 2021, infrastructure and transport ministers approved a two-year HVNL Safety and Productivity Program to implement reform outcomes from the HVNL review.

This implementation phase of the program will lead to an updated law that:

  • is based on a new, risk-management focussed operator assurance framework, and
  • offers simplicity for those who need it and flexibility for those who seek it.

The program, comprising of six reform areas, aims to deliver productivity and safety benefits against a two-year delivery plan.

The NTC will lead the following reform areas in collaboration with governments and industry to deliver draft legislative amendments and other draft instruments:

  • Operator assurance scheme
  • Technology and data
  • Duties and driver health
  • Fatigue management
  • Vehicles and access
  • Legislative approach.

Where we are up to

The Review started in November 2018. Throughout 2019, the NTC consulted with governments, regulators, heavy vehicle drivers, large and small operators, peak industry bodies, technology providers, and the wider community to get a clear and accurate picture of problems with the HVNL.

In September 2019, the process shifted from identifying issues to generating solutions. The NTC facilitated the development of reform approaches for the future HVNL and sought feedback on these, including targeted workshops in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne.

In January 2020, the NTC released a Summary of consultation outcomes.

In June 2020, the NTC released a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) based on hundreds of submissions to eight issues papers and collaboration with government, industry, the police, the regulator and the Australian community. The NTC also released a complementary guide HVNL 2.0 – a better law scenario to be read alongside the RIS as a short-form description of one possible scenario for the future law.

Public consultation on the Consultation RIS ran until 20 November 2020 where the NTC received over 100 submissions. This feedback informed recommendations presented to ministers in May 2021.